Soft Gelatin

The range of Soft Gelatin Plant Process Equipments:


  •  Glycerin / Sorbitol Storage Vessels
  •  Raw Gelatin Feed Tanks
  •  Gelatin Cooker
  •  Gelatin Feed Tanks
  •  Plain / Jacketed Medicament Storage Tanks
  •  Medicament Mixing and Gelatin Color Mixing and Deaeration Unit with Hydraulic Lift system
  •  Medicament Inline Homogenizer & Lobe Pump
  •  SS Working Platform
  •  Instrumentation & Piping
  •  Utility System of Hot Water & Vacuum
  •  Mobile Auto CIP Unit
  •  "CE" marked Equipments are offered with Third Party Inspection & All Electrical Control with ERTL Approval & Test

Range of Capacity:


Gelatin Cooker 100 L to 2000 L Cooker capacity


Salient Features:


Most important parameters for any Soft Gel Plant which are to be meticulously and articulately incorporated in the design of the process equipments are as follows:


  •  Agitator of Gelatin Cooker is a special kind of Contra-rotating type Anchor having Triangular Blades for imparting low shear mixing action to highly viscous Soft Gelatin mass for intimate mixing.
  •  Hydraulic Lifting System for top cover of Gelatin Cooker
  •  PLC Programmed (optional) for Dual speed agitation to reaction mass of Gel cooker as per the defined recipe
  •  Specially constructed Gelatin Feed Tank with electronic heating system
  •  Medicament Mixing & Homogenizing Vessel
  •  Multi-purpose Mixing & Deaeration Unit with SS Control Panel for carrying out following operation
  •  Mixing of Medicament
  •  Color Mixing in Gelatin mass
  •  Deaeration of Gel mass
  •  Hydraulic Lifting of Agitators for different operations with quick release coupling for agitator change/cleaning operation
  •  Heat traced transfer pipe line for feeding Gelatin to Encapsulating Machine
  •  Vacuum Control System for Deaeration in Gelatin Cooker
  •  Strict compliance to cGMP as per the international standard norms
  •  SS 316L contact parts mirror polished to less than 0.5 Micron RA & SS 304 Non-Contact parts matt finished.
  •  100% drainable, crevice and dead leg free internal surface